Top Entertainment!

We had another corker of a meeting on 14th March, with a good turnout with a great mixture of readings. It’s always nice to hear what people are working on and to give some feedback that may help develop it. Also good to hear finished pieces – top entertainment! We had readings from:

Valerie – an ‘Alba’, the opposite of a ‘Seranada’, a form of poetry popular with the Troubadours of the 11th-14th Centuries. Comedic in tone, usually focused on adultery involving the Troubadour and some smitten court-lady.

Frank – read a poem called that developed from some noodling around the theme of the philosophers exploration of ‘cogito ergo sum’ (‘I think therefore I am’) and Huxley’s observations in the door to perception. Questions were raised and debated on the nature of existence as seen from the two sides of reason and instinct. Deep stuff. Who’d have thought for a Wednesday night!

Chloe – a piece called ‘Tasty Morsels – Puddings’, good title that! A piece about a father’s perusal and discussion of a puddings menu with much innuendo on his part. His kids and his new wife just seemed to want ice-cream but he insisted on relating puddings to people and events, much to the consternation of his new love, though the kids seemed to miss the implied naughtiness.  A great example of people getting completely different vibes from a story: sometimes a cigar is just a cigar…

Peter – found an old notebook when having a clearout. He read something he wrote back in 1991 – very personal, very raw and a great example of how writing can capture a moment and then take you straight back there when you read it years later. A brave read from Peter and we were very touched that he felt comfortable sharing with us.

Mike – continued with his space-opera sci-fi story involving Caesar, the Senate and the ongoing battle against the invading Horde. Politics, battles, honour, duels to the death, it’s all in here and more. Strong characterisation, a depth in the background and an exciting unfolding story on many levels. There were references to tech that kept it sci-fi though the story has an epic feel of a tale from roman history. A great jumping off point was reached for the final push to the end story…

Max – the first three mini-chapters of a sci-fi story. After reading, Max felt there was too much sci-fi shorthand and not enough context and setting for people to really get a handle on what was going on. Supportive feedback (as always) and helped tighten and tidy. All in a day’s work here at BWC.

Our host Cathi provided us with some yummy cakes and gallons of tea and coffee.

Our new assignment is ‘Mistaken Identity’. We gonna have some fun with that one!

Next meeting is on March 28th 7pm usual place – but hey! lighter evenings!! YAY! If you can get along to the next meeting it’ll be absolutely fabulous to see you.


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