Hi there,

We are Banbury Writers’ Café, a group of writers that meet up every two weeks to talk about what we’re doing and encourage and support each other in our writing endeavours.

There are many different writers among us, all with different writing aspirations. There is never any pressure to do stuff, though we encourage everyone to write. We are supportive of all writing and realise how much of an achievement it is to just get writing done!

We set ourselves writing assignments – short stories based on a title or theme which we then gather together in collections and publish on-line. Our first collection of short stories from the group was called ‘The Odd Chair’ available on Amazon.com/.co.uk. And that’s where our orange chair comes in.

We are a friendly bunch with a wide variety of social backgrounds, education, interests and skills all aiming for the same thing: to improve our writing through talking to others as keen to get some writing done as we are.

If you are a writer, or would like to be, then come along for a chat and a coffee and see if we are the kind of people that can help you achieve your writing goals.