About Us

Banbury Writers’ Café meets at: the ‘Old Town Café and Gallery’ at 21 Parson’s Street, Banbury, every two weeks on a Wednesday evening.
Meetings run from 7pm to 9:30pm.
Meetings cost £3 per person (£20 per meeting to the venue, rest to a kitty).
If a meeting is cancelled, members will be given as much notice as is possible.

The Goal of The Writers’ Café:
To encourage and support the members of the group in their writing endeavours
which comes through listening and offering feedback when requested: honest feedback is always welcome. Feedback should focus on the areas asked for by the writer / reader and should always be positive, even when offering criticism.

Support should be offered by listening to what the writer / reader is asking for, and offering any advice based on specific skills / experience you may possess.
It is important to remember that support offered can be politely declined.
Please only offer support to someone if you are sure you have the time to commit to delivering that support.
These are the core aims of the group.

Some other aspects of the meetings are covered below.
Each meeting will follow the same loose format:
A chance for people to read out extracts of their work and to ask for feedback in any areas they feel would be useful.
Individual readings should each be no longer than roughly ten minutes in duration: this will give a chance for those at the meeting to offer their feedback and some discussion to take place.

We will try to fit in three or more readings per meeting.
General Discussion
Stuff may come out of a reading, or out of general chatting that is good to follow up: a specific question asked and answered regarding some aspect of writing, how each of us does it, and some experience shared.
Specific Discussion
A subject might be brought up in advance of a meeting, by email or chatting at a previous meeting, which we may want to discuss, dedicating more time to it and planning in a more structured chat.
Examples would include: when do you find time to write, what do you write with / on (equipment / software), how do you prep for writing, how do you structure work? Have a think about anything you’d like to discuss.

Themed Meetings
Themed meetings will be focused on a set topic, where one or more people will be asked to share their skills and experience in how to do a specific thing, like blogging, twitter, book / literary fairs, preparing work for reading by the author or someone else.

These are just loose guidelines to help us get the most from our time together at the meetings.

Subs Policy
We pay £20 per meeting for use of the venue.
There is a £3 per meeting subs fee which each attendee pays, any shortfall is made up from the kitty.
Banbury Writers’ Café – Code of Conduct
The organiser / facilitator at any meeting will remind anyone that needs it, that the basic code of conduct is: “be excellent to each other.”

People are responsible for themselves, their actions, and their own health.
If you feel uncomfortable about anything at any meeting – speak up!
You will be listened to and offered as much support as is needed to resolve the issue.
Meetings are a place where people feel comfortable and relaxed.
We appreciate that some material may include topics that are not within what is normally publicly ‘acceptable’: all such pieces should be declared before they are read / shared and a discussion will be held as to their suitability.
The Writers’ Café is a safe space for all attendees, regardless of ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, disability, religion, belief, age or lifestyle.
Bigoted behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated.