Yowza! What a corker of a meeting! Sorry you missed it! We had men in strange green suits, a dodgy-looking geezer with big ears looking under a car bonnet, skinny dipping in Germany and the unfinished tale of teenage desire (watch this space!) Lots of readings and discussion, and then just before 8pm one dare-devil lit the touch paper with the outrageous question
‘So what is poetry?’
Immediately the poets amongst us flew into action with explanations, observations and examples. The non-poets demanded definition, and those with a cheeky smirk suggested that a shopping list could also suffice as a poem if we really wanted it to.
Our next assignment therefore, should we wish to accept, is to write a poem for our next collection of works to be published in the autumn. Now that will be an interesting read.

Colons, semi-colons, commas – all came up for discussion/dissection and we all went away having learnt a little bit about…something…

Next meeting Weds 2nd August, 7pm £3 subs, The Artery/Old Town Cafe, Parsons Street Banbury. You know you want to.

Coffee, crisps, and cake. Sandwiches, tea, and treats.
All call to the hungry, desperate, and unprepared.
Countryside rolls casually by beyond the dirt streaked glass.
There a pond that has merged with a field.
Here a walker, trailing a dog abound with unkempt energy.
All come and go, seen, considered, but swiftly forgot.
Now a tree, gnarled, jagged, preciously flawed.
Fields, a cliche of quilted patchwork, vanish into mounds and swells.
Bushes spring forth with determined urgency and block all else.
A conversation three rows up becomes a public affair.
He did, she did, we did, they did.
The more we try to ignore, the more we seem to listen.
Red brick residences, representing myriad loves, laughs, and longings.
A thud and a thunder as opposing travellers blur past.
Too hazy to see if there is another dreamer watching our passing.
Eyeing the world with equal nonchalance, unwittingly crossing paths.
Too late now for coffee, or crisps or cake.
Little need for sandwiches, tea or treats.
Time instead to collate belongings and retrieve tickets.
Sliding to a halt. Sliding a door open. Back to reality.

Mike Dale